Instagram has a few ways of increasing reach and sharing posts to likeminded people, one of which being the hashtags. Hashtags and Instagram almost go hand in hand, with most images on the platform using at least one to accompany the post. Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to project and share images throughout the app to people interested in the same genre of photography or art. Hashtags can be added to both posts and the 24-hour stories on your profile. Personally, I have a list of hashtags that I use underneath my Instagram posts, mainly using specific ones to the style of photography I do and the equipment that has been used. I also use hashtags related to certain photography communities so that I am able to create more connections within the style of photography that I like to shoot. Hashtags can be followed on your feed exactly the same as how you can follow an account, I find this helpful because it gives your images more reach but also allowing you to find more artists/photographers that have a shooting style or favourite film stock in common with yourself. 

Some examples of hashtags that I would use on a regular post include,
#Filmisnotdead – this is a hashtag that is popular within the film photography community and promotes the use of film photography.
#Largeformatphotography – I use this hashtag to show that the image was taken using a large format camera while not explicitly saying so within the caption of the image. 
#Studentphotographer – Again I use this hashtag in my images because I am more likely to come across other student photographers and become closer connected to people that are in the same educational format as myself. 
#5x4 – Focusing back on the large format aspect I always include this hashtag to show what size large format that I am shooting.
#Portra160 – Another technical hashtag I use is this one, I like to include the type of film that I used as a hashtag because it is shown to other creatives that also use the same film stock, showing its different uses all in one place. 
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