A Linktree is a way to be able to have all your social links in one place, making it easier for someone to be able to follow and contact you. Link tree was mainly created as on Instagram there is only the option for one link in your profile, meaning you needed to choose between a website, other social media or anything else that may be needed in your business. Linktree is free to use for its most basic of needs, but there is a subscription cost if you would like to use a more personalised version of the app. 
As you can see from the images below it shows how easy it is to upload the links and the app does the rest. You can add as many of these links as you like for free and choose what links you want to put in. If you really wanted to you could use it for links to a shop or specific products in the shop. Once you have uploaded the links the rest is all done for you, you can see on the last image how it is set up and will look once the linktree link is clicked on the Instagram profile. I really like this idea because I feel as though I can share more parts of my work easier and all in one place.
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