There are a few reasons for creating an Instagram promotion, the main being getting your work seen and recognised by a whole range of different accounts. As you can see below you can choose the amount that you would like to spend and for how long you would like to promote the image for. Spending £1 a day over 6 days will give you an estimate of 900 -  2400 different accounts reached, this is the cheapest option with a decent outcome. To the next extreme paying £1000 every day for 6 days will land you being shown to 630,000 to 1.7 million accounts, now to a small creator this seems quite extreme but to a larger creator or company this could be detrimental to the selling of a product or getting a name out in the public domain. 
I personally haven't promoted any of my work because I would like to make sure that the work that am promoting to be the best of my ability's I can create better following for my work, if I were to promote an image that isn't the best people will see the promotion as more of an annoyance. This way of sharing work is quite interesting as by paying a small amount of money you are able to get your work seen by a large number of accounts and people.
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