Applying for an open call can be daunting, putting your work into the world and making it feel a whole lot more vulnerable. I recently applied for an open call to be featured in a Zine about East Anglian creatives, the process of applying was much easier than I anticipated it to be. This open call was free to apply, with the only asking to be that you share it on social media for other people to see and also apply. The main structure of it was to fill out the form and upload a maximum of 5 images, I uploaded 4 of my favourite shots from my current project of the East Anglian seafront. Once the application form had be sent in it was simply just a waiting game to see if you had been selected. Unfortunately, I did not get selected for this open call, but the feedback that I received was really positive and the process of applying was really beneficial to me because it gave me an insight into what could be expected of me for when I apply for more in the future. 
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